Sophia Priory

Written By: Mortimer Brockert

Physical Description

Sophia is absolutely beautiful and while aware that she's attractive, she really doesn't think about it much. She tends to dress as casually as a pureblood girl can get away with and prefers practical clothing to the frilly stuff her sister Lydia likes. Sophia has long brown hair and blue eyes. She doesn't really do much with her hair beyond washing and brushing it and sometimes putting it in a ponytail or maybe a single braid. If it's a very fancy or special occasion, she'll add flowers. She doesn't care for make-up. When fully grown, Sophia will be five feet, three and a half inches. She is usually described by her family as "sturdy" when compared to delicate Lydia, even though this likely comes from an air about her as she's really quite slim.

Family & Friends

Connor Priory-Brother, fifth year Crotalus
Bridget Ferguson-Second cousin, once removed, best friend, first year Teppenpaw
Arianna Tate-First cousin, seventh year Crotalus, prefect
Beau Tate-First cousin, third year Pecari
Kaylie Brockert Priory-Mother, Teppenpaw alumna, prefect
Adam Brockert-Uncle, Crotalus alum
Chelsea Brockert Tate-Aunt, Aladren alumna
Nina Brockert Smith-Aunt, Pecari alumna
Hope Brockert Whitfield-Aunt, Teppenpaw alumna
Evan Brockert-Uncle, Aladren alum
Lucille Carey Brockert-Aunt, Teppenpaw alumna

Ian Priory-Father
Lydia Priory-Sister

Character Information

Age: 12
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

Year 2
House: Aladren


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