Jessica Hayles

Written By: Grayson Wright

Physical Description

Jessica has very pale red hair, almost blonde, and a very fair complexion, both of which contrast sharply with her brown eyes. Her eyebrows also appear brown, as one of the three 'real' cosmetics she is allowed to use is a brown eyebrow pencil to fill them in; her other two staples are a light pink lip gloss and matching light pink nail varnish. In warm weather, the same shade adorns her toenails; despite efforts by some to convince her that the fashion is for variation, she dislikes disorder and likes everything about her to match. Accordingly, much of her wardrobe tends toward pastels as well. Her skin is meticulously cared for, with soaps and washes picked to suit her skin type and sunscreen applied daily. She almost always carries a small handbag containing hand cream, her lip gloss, a compact mirror, a packet of tissues, a little tin of mints, a few pieces of peppermint candy, a pen, and a couple of tiny notebooks.

Family & Friends

Jessica is the only child of Arthur Hayles and his wife, Rosalie. Her father's family is mainly concentrated in New York, while her mother's is located in southern Georgia, grouped around the estate of her great-grandparents, a former governor and first lady of the state.

Character Information

Age: 11
Birthday: February 3
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

Year 1
House: Crotalus


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