Theodore Flores

Written By: Louis Valois

Physical Description

Theodore’s skin colour reflects both his African-American heritage (on his father’s side) and his Venezuelan heritage (on his mother’s side). He has brown eyes, slightly curly black hair, a somewhat large nose, and a wide, friendly smile. He is slightly taller than average for his age, and is slim and muscular, due to his penchant for dancing.


Theodore’s parents were only briefly together, during the time of which he was conceived. He lives with his mother and three older half-siblings in the state of Georgia, in a wizarding community near Atlanta. Theodore’s father, George Dandridge, is a pureblood, although from a fairly new pureblood family. George works for MACUSA and has a friendly but not especially close relationship with his son. Teo’s mother, Valeria Rivas (née Flores), is a second-generation Venezuelan immigrant. She works in finance, specifically in a bank in Atlanta, and is a widow with three other children from a previous marriage. Teo’s half-siblings, Carlotta, Adrian, and Marietta, are all approximately a decade older than him. Only Marietta still lives at home now, which makes quite a difference from the noisy house of four children when Teo was younger. Teo gets on well with all of his siblings, as they all enjoyed having a baby brother to fuss over and still spoil him when they visit home. The fact they are only half-siblings is of no importance to them. The family is a closely knit one, close as well to Valeria’s sister, Mariana, and her family. Teo is the first of his family to attend Sonora. His older siblings attended Paint Rock School for Girls and Concho Creek School for Boys. However, Teo’s father wanted him to attend Sonora and, seeing as Adrian was no longer at Concho Creek, Valeria saw no reason as to why this shouldn’t happen.

Character Information

Age: 11
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

Year 1
House: Pecari


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