Isabella Harrington

Written By: Tabitha Hawthorne

Physical Description

Isabella is a medium height girl with long wavy brown hair often tied up in a ponytail or wrapped up in a bun to keep it out of her face. She has pale skin and an oval-shaped face. Her eyes are a dark brown. Her nose is mostly straight but is slightly wide and her top lip is slightly thinner than the bottom. She has an athletic and muscular body, built up from years of dancing.


Isabella, born on 26th of March and living in Charleston, South Carolina, is the daughter of half-bloods Katherine and Christian Harrington, who are both aurors. As a result of their job, however, very little time is spent with them and she was raised mostly by her paternal muggleborn grandmother, Celia Harrington. It was through her grandmother that she discovered and developed a love for Ballroom and Latin dancing, Celia being a three-times American Ballroom Champion and twice American Latin Champion. Isabella has ambitions to not just achieve the same thing but to also take it further and enter the European competitions. Her dance partner, until recently, was her own second cousin (who is muggle, though is aware of the magical side of their family), Alexander (Alex) Harrington. When it was shared that Isabella would be attending a wizarding school to further her magical education, their time dancing together came to an end, angering Alex who always harboured a jealous streak for not being magical. They haven't spoken since. As well as educating Isabella in dancing, Celia also took charge of her education, home-schooling her in subjects such as English and Maths as well as basic Charms, wanting to prepare her for school.

Family & Friends

Katherine Harrington - Mother Christian Harrington - Father Celia Harrington - Paternal Grandmother Alex Harrington - Second Cousin

Character Information

Age: 11
Birthday: 26th March
Gender: Female
Wand: 10" firm willow wand with unicorn hair

Student Demographics

Year 1
House: Aladren


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