Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

Written By: Mary Brooding

Physical Description

Johana Leonie is short, but has long, tanned arms, and a round face. Her eyes are dark like the sea, although whether they're blue, green, or grey is unclear even to those who know her best. She has a wide forehead and narrow jaw and mouth, giving the impression that she's considering the world around her with heavy scrutiny. Her red-brown hair is curly and tousled, like it dried with sand and salt-water still in it.


Johana Leonie is boisterous and fun-loving, particularly when hands-on activities are part of the day's chores. She'd just as soon stitch up an injured bird as jump on a broom for a game, but her favorite activity is just to run. She's known for the dirt that seems to find its way to her hands and feet no matter how many times her mother reminds her that the riverbed is for collecting shells and things, not for building sandcastles. She nearly always sounds playful, but is rarely mischievous, and her passion lies in healing arts, as her family has been involved with such things since anyone can remember. She's honest, often to a fault, and handy, a helpful combination when it means she can fix things as soon as she acknowledges they need it.
Johana Leonie grew up the way generations of her family have grown up before her: teetering on the precipice between the magic and muggle worlds. Of course, for the Zauberhexens, there is very little non-magical about muggles. Having moved to the small German village in which they still reside long before there were bans on magic in front of muggles, the Zauberhexens took up the arts of herbalism, healing, brewing, and decorating. Festivals became a huge part of village life when the Zauberhexens offered to add blossoms of light to the decorations. However, their hedgemagic ways quickly became their bane when formalized magical education left them behind.
Hoping to preserve the family traditions of non-verbal and often experimental magic while also preserving the family itself, the Herr Zauberhexen and Frau Zauberhexen resolved to send their children, Johana and Friederike. Johana is a year ahead of Friederike and will be the test child to discover whether it's true that an American school, far from the pressures and prestiges of families in Europe, will be better than Hogwarts or another school. Johana is as much excited as she is nervous, but the true meaning of change has escaped her understanding and she has no idea how much she'll need to adapt in order to succeed amongst her peers.
Johana is particularly interested in healing, and hopes to pursue learning in this area in particular through Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. Her family has longstanding traditions in this regard and she hopes that some formalized education might bring her village into even safer practices than before.
In her personal time, Johana enjoys dancing and sculpting, and she can play a flute with a little skill. She has little patience for reading or writing, although she likes to imagine the fancy dresses that might come with high society life and improved literacy.

Family & Friends

Johana Leonie lives with her parents and brother, but her family is most of the rest of her hometown as well.

Character Information

Age: 11
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

Year 1
House: Teppenpaw


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