Scarlett Collins

Written By: Scarlett Collins

Physical Description

Scarlett is short for her age. But she also loves sports, so she has a slight muscular build for her age. She has a light dusting of freckles that changes based on how much time she spends out in the sun. She also has red hair and brown eyes, which she shares with her siblings and parents.


Scarlett Collins is from Florida. Her parents were "muggles" and she never knew about the wizarding world until she received a strange letter in the mail. At first, her parents thought it was some sort of prank, but when they threw the original letter away and more replaced it, they eventually gave in to actually reading it. Since her parents were greeted by a helpful guide, they learned a little about just where they would be sending their child. To this day, they are still a little hesitant. When Scarlett's brothers found out about the letter, they felt a little left out. Scarlett's parents were so proud that Scarlett had gotten into a seemingly great school and her brothers had received no such letter. So they started picking on her. Even her brothers’ friends joined in, until Scarlett found it torture to be at home. So she would sneak off to a book shop owned by a kind old wizard. He let her practice spells there as well as read the vast collection of books stocked there. She would often end up coming home with a stack of books and a few chocolate frogs the shop owner let her have.

Family & Friends

Scarlett has many relatives in South Carolina and Texas, but her immediate family consists of her two brothers, Jason and Jacob(who are 14-year-old twins), her parents, Brandon and Sylvia Collins, and her cat, Marshmallow.

Character Information

Age: 12
Birthday: October 13, 2008
Gender: Female
Wand: Holly wood, Phoenix feather core, 11 inches

Student Demographics

Year 2
House: Pecari
Best Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms


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