Topaz Brockert

Written By: Mortimer Brockert

Physical Description

Topaz has long pitch black hair that she rarely does anything with beyond washing and brushing it and tying it up in a ponytail or bun when she's experimenting. She had blue eyes that would be pretty except for the cold glint in them and a pale complexion. She rarely smiles unless forced to for a picture or something pleases her, such as one of her experiments being successful. Topaz wears neatly tailored, practical clothing that is not too feminine or frilly. She does not wear make-up even though her mother wouldn't care and is unlikely to notice in the first place, because she doesn't care for it. Primping is much too trivial a thing for her.

Family & Friends

Mortimer Brockert-Grandfather, Headmaster
Emerald Brockert-Sister, sixth year Aladren, prefect
Ruby Brockert-Sister, fourth year Teppenpaw
Allegra Brockert-First cousin, second year Crotalus
Angelique Brockert-Second cousin once removed, Crotalus alumna, prefect
Owen Brockert-Second cousin once removed, Teppenpaw alum, Head Boy
Alessa Hinckley Jacobs, Second cousin, Aladren alumna

Sapphire Brockert-Sister
Jasper Brockert-Brother
Amethyst Brockert-Sister

Esme, Isla and Olaf Brockert, Christopher and Alma Brockert, Libby Brockert-First cousins

Highlights from Sonora

First year-Topaz was sorted into Aladren and met her roommate Ness McLeod whom she finds judgemental and self-righteous. She was later invited to join the Gardenia Girls, an organization started by Sylvia Mordue, Caitlin Pierce and her cousin Allegra.

Character Information

Age: 12
Birthday: October 29
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

Year 2
House: Aladren
Best Class: Everything-she's a genius, you know


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