Allegra Brockert

Written By: Mortimer Brockert

Physical Description

Allegra has long brown hair and big blue eyes that often have dark circles under them due to constant nightmares. She is often pale and has a slight build. Currently, she does not wear make-up as she is not allowed until she is older though this doesn't bother her that much. Allegra tends to wears feminine clothing, with light colors, nothing that stands out too much. When fully grown, she'll be around five foot three.

Family & Friends

Mortimer Brockert-Grandfather, Headmaster
Emerald Brockert-First cousin, sixth year Aladren, prefect
Ruby Brockert-First cousin, fourth year Teppenpaw
Topaz Brockert-First cousin,second year Aladren
Angelique Brockert-Second cousin, once removed, Crotalus alumna, prefect
Owen Brockert-Second cousin, once removed, Teppenpaw alum, Head Boy
Alessa Hinckley-Second cousin, Aladren alumna

Esme Brockert-Sister
Isla Brockert-Sister
Olaf Brockert-Brother

Sapphire, Jasper and Amethyst Brockert, Christopher and Alma Brockert, Libby Brockert-first cousins

Sylvia Mordue-Friend
Caitlin Pierce-Friend

Highlights from Sonora

First year-Allegra was sorted into Crotalus thankfully away from her cousin Topaz and was quickly welcomed to Sonora by the second year girls in her house, Caitlin Pierce and Sylvia Mordue.

Character Information

Age: 12
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

Year 2
House: Crotalus
Best Class: Transfiguration


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