Mary Brooding

Written By: Mary Brooding

Physical Description

With curly black hair down to her ankles, and kept most often in a braid, Mary has a flair for the extreme. She is most often found under an oversized, crooked hat, and buttoned robes. She has bronze skin and dark brown eyes, with narrow features. A smattering of freckles coat her nose, the tops of her cheeks, and the top of her forehead, proof that her time alone in the sun does often include hatless recreation. Mary smiles often, and her nose wrinkles up when she does, as though every smile is just the start of laughter.

Family & Friends

Michelle Parker Parents

Highlights from Sonora

Mary will be wedded to colleague Tabitha Hawthorne after an SA31 engagement.

Character Information

Age: 29
Birthday: August 19
Gender: Other
Wand: Holly with Unicorn Hair

Staff Demographics

Position: Potions
Years Employed: SA30 - Present


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