Beauregard Tate

Character Information

Age: 13
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

Year 3
House: Pecari

Physical Description

Beau has dark brown hair and gray eyes. He has a relatively fair complexion for someone who grew up in Jamaica. When he gets older he will have muscular arms and like to show them off often forgoing sleeves. Beau likes to wear sunglasses, partially because it's really bright in Jamaica but more because he thinks they make him look cool. And looking cool is of utmost importance to Beau. He also tends to magically give his hair that gelled look. He is quite good looking and knows it though still finds it tacky to mention that out loud too much, instead showing it in his attitude. He's highly likely to ignore the school dress code as well. After all, school robes have sleeves .

Family & Friends

Arianna Tate-Sister,sixth year Crotalus, Prefect
Connor Priory-First cousin, fourth year Crotalus