Chrystopher Maitlin

Character Information

Age: 13
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

Year 3
House: Crotalus

Physical Description

Chrystopher, or Chrys(known by from his few friends), is quite tall for a 1st year. His height, 5’7, a feat yearned for by his fellow male classmates. Chrys has bright blue eyes that can be spotted in any crowd. His dark brown hair contradicting his bright eyes. His hair is always tame and smoothed back. The sides and back are shaved, leaving the top of his hair to be tamed by Chrys. Chrys has his left ear pierced, a family tradition for when a boy gets excepted into magic school. The girls got both ears pierced. Going down his left eye was a visible, dark scar. It reached to his eyebrow and ended at the bridge of his nose. He got cut in a sword fight when he was younger and first in training. It was too deep to fully heal and he was put permanently blind in his left eye. His other senses are more sharp since he lost half of his vision. He is nicely built, thanks to his combat training as a child(his father didn’t want any of his children defenseless.)