Michael DiCaprio

Character Information

Age: 12
Birthday: May 10
Gender: Male
Wand: 10", reed, dragon heartstring core

Student Demographics

Year 2
House: Pecari

Physical Description

Of Italian origin, Michael has brown sandy brown hair and brown eyes. He has peach-colored skin that tans easily in summers and a button nose on his slightly pointed face. He has high cheekbones and eyebrows that arch slightly, giving him a more intense look. He stands at an average height for a boy his age with thin shoulders, but an athletic build.


Michael is the son of Patrick DiCaprio and Stephanie Pavoni. His dad attended Sapienti University of Magic and received his degree in healing. Patrick moved to Denver, Colorado to begin his residency, and married his high school sweetheart, a muggle-born named Steph. Patrick currently works as a full-time healer at a large magical hospital in Denver. Steph is a homemaker, but fixes up cars as a hobby and helps out at her father's mechanic shop when needed. Mikey grew up in a very loving and active household. He doesn't always get to see too much of his dad, but on weekends likes to practice throwing Quaffles with him or watching soccer or going to local Quidditch matches. He has had exposure to both the muggle and magical world thanks to his parents' liberal views on blood status, and went to public school from kindergarten to fifth grade. He goes on hiking and camping trips with his parents often. Mikey also has a younger brother, Nico, that he gets along with relatively well. His extended family is pretty big, but he doesn't get to see much of his paternal grandmother or his paternal uncles since most of them live in California. He is close to his mom's Muggle family because they live close by.

Family & Friends

Parents: Patrick DiCaprio & Stephanie Pavoni Siblings: Nico DiCaprio