Parker Fitzgerald

Character Information

Age: 14
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

Year 4
House: Pecari

Physical Description

Parker's parents usually start describing him by noting that his hair looks like a rats nest, or if they are in a more forgiving mood an eagles nest. Parker doesn't seem to mind either comparison as he doesn't take the time to comb his hair. His skin, though pale in winter months when he is kept in doors, is usually a soft tan color as he spends most of his time running around outdoors. In the late summer, as school is coming back into focus, his mother Susan usually has the thought that he looks like someone took the tan crayon from a box and used it to color in everything. And though he isn't the tallest in his class, or the strongest, his love of being outside means that he is fairly trim for a boy born in this age of video games and screens.