Dorian Montoir

Character Information

Age: 12
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

Year 2
House: Teppenpaw

Physical Description

Dorian is on the short side, and even as an adult will only be around 5’6, and has a skinny build. Although in general in life, he is very pragmatic, he is rather self-conscious about his appearance, something that will only increase as he becomes a teenager. He has medium tone skin, being of mixed white and Chinese heritage, and the dark hair and eyes that naturally go with the latter, although he takes after his father more and people don’t always immediately realise that he’s mixed race. His hair is neither extremely close cropped nor long enough to be described as long, and he usually has it styled with a fringe. He is generally neat in his appearance.

Family & Friends

Dorian's family consists of his parents, his brother Matthieu (older by two years) and sister Émilie (younger by two years). His family lives in Québec and his siblings attend/are due to attend the prominent Pureblood school L'Institute Québécois.