Jasmine Delachene

Character Information

Age: 14
Gender: Female
Wand: 10" Elm Wood with Unicorn Hair Core

Student Demographics

Year 4
House: Crotalus
Best Class: Care of Magical Creatures

Physical Description

Jasmine is slender pretty girl, with dark hair and tanned skin. She has an easy smile and perfect teeth. Her hair is shoulder length with a bit of a curl to it, and is often elaborately styled. She is her mama's princess and enjoys wearing pretty dresses whenever she's not planning to ride a horse. (As she lives on a horse ranch, this is less frequently than one might otherwise guess.) She is somewhat tall for her age but not remarkably so.


Jasmine was adopted as a baby by Holly and Raoul Delachene. She has no knowledge or memory of her birth parents. She entertains fantasies sometimes that precisely follow the plot line of the Princess Diaries with herself as the unsuspecting princess, but for the most part she is very happy being the center of her mother's world and The Favorite Child.

Family & Friends

Holly Delachene (Holly Greer, Holly Thistle of the Hollywood Thistles) - Mother, Pecari Alumnus
Raoul Delachene - Father, Pecari alumnus
Anastasia Delachene (Anya) - Younger Sister, also Adopted
Phillipe Delachene - Younger Brother, birth child of Holly and Raoul
Flossie - Her favorite Horse, an Abraxan

Peyton O'Malley - Roommate and Best Friend
Tatiana Vorontosova - Sledding Buddy and Co-Admirer of Lovely Jewelry

Highlights from Sonora

First year has gone reasonably well for Jasmine. She did not instantly meet a coterie of best friends during her Welcoming Feast, as she had hoped to emulate from her mother's experience, but she did, over the course of the year, meet a few good friends with potential to join into a coterie.