Tatiana Vorontsov

Character Information

Age: 14
Birthday: 14/27 July
Gender: Female
Wand: Maple and phoenix feather

Student Demographics

Year 4
House: Pecari
Best Class: Herbology

Physical Description

Tatiana is a small-framed, not overly tall girl with brown hair and pale blue-green eyes who, under most circumstances would not stand out in particular. The fact her mother has taught her from infancy to always wear a hat and gloves when she's outside, however, would make her stand out next to most of her classmates even if one of her great passions didn't happen to be jewelry. Since it is, however, she customarily wears considerably more of it than most students as well. Her Sonora jewelry box includes two demi-parures with pale aquamarines (one in white gold composed of earrings, necklace, and bracelet and the other in rose gold with earrings, a necklace, and a ring), a considerable quantity of amber and enamel jewelry in various colors, a number of dark blue topazes (sometimes worn along with some of the aquamarine pieces and sometimes with the yellower ambers, as she enjoys the way the colors look together). She also has three pearl necklaces (one small graduated black strand and two small white strands with an inch's difference in their lengths so they can be worn together or separately), two pairs of pearl earrings, a pair of princess-cut quarter-carat diamond studs, a gold-over-silver chain necklace and pair of filigree hoop earrings, three gold bracelets, a pendant and earrings with opals and sapphires, a ring shaped like diamond-accent-studded links, an emerald ring which resembles a vine, and a ring with marquise and baguette sapphires. She finds the look of stones or combinations of stones more interesting than the intrinsic value of said stones, but is more put out about only being allowed to bring 10k gold or lower to school - it scratches fairly easily and Tatiana is not overly gentle with most of her possessions. She mixes and matches these pieces as she pleases, but is never seen without earrings and a necklace and only removes her bracelets for Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures lessons. She would feel undressed without her baubles.


Tatiana is the fourth of six children, surrounded by older sisters Anna (Anya, Annushka) and Sofiya (Sonia, Sonechka, Sofie), older brother Grigori (Grisha, Grishka), younger sister Katerina (Katya, Katenka, Katyushka), and younger brother Alexei (Alyosha, Lyoshka). As their names, and her parents being called Andrei and Olga, suggest, she is of Russian heritage - her mother is an immigrant, a native of St. Petersburg, and her father's grandfather was the same. They live in the isolated Alaska community Volshebnaya Derevnya - in Russian, the Wizard's Village - an almost entirely Russian-descended or immigrant community near Nome, and do not refer to themselves as Amerikanskii. Traditionally, as a girl, Tatiana would not have even learned to speak English; only her passionate attachment to her older brother Grisha, who as a boy was required to learn; her younger sister Katya is also studying English, but her mother and older sisters speak almost none. Her older siblings attend school in Russia, but her father, curious about the Americans, decided to send his younger children to school in America.

Family & Friends

Tatiana is the first of her family members to attend Sonora. At home, Tatiana and her three sisters were expected to be each other's friends, which made separation from them a trial for her. Discovering that she wasn't the only person at Sonora who considered English a slightly ridiculous and more than slightly difficult language, however, resulted in a quick friendship with Dorian Montoir, blissfully unaware that he is slightly afraid of her and absolutely adoring him since he arranged to have her a small name's day party in their first year. She also commandeered his friend Jehan Callahan, whose English is better than theirs, to establish the Club of Tongues to help each other with English and exchange their other languages; as a result, Tatiana has also improved her rather bad French a bit and picked up a few words of Chinese while also teaching some Russian to them. She declined to invite Vladimir Brockert to this project, as it disappointed her enormously to discover that he didn't already speak Russian, but she eventually forgave him his parents' failure to teach him to 'speak properly' after going to all the trouble to give him a 'normal' name. In the second half of her first year, she started making friends with Jasmine Delachene as well, happy to have another girl to admire jewelry, bemoan the difficulty of geography, and design very sparkly class projects with.

Highlights from Sonora

On arriving at Sonora, Tatiana discovered two things at once: one was that she was apparently a Pecari, and the other was that her English was not nearly as good as she thought it was. However, despite her struggles with spelling and pronunciation of spells in her second language, she refused to give up and go home out of sheer stubbornness aided by the support of her friends.