Jozua Sparks

Character Information

Age: 17
Birthday: Summer
Gender: Male
Wand: Aspen, Dragon Heartstring, 9"

Student Demographics

Year 7
House: Teppenpaw
Badge(s): Assistant Captain
Best Class: DADA

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Physical Description

Jozua does not look physically intimidating. He is short-ish, with light brown hair and a round face. His eyes are a bluish gray.


Jozua was born in the wizarding town of Aladren, Oregon. He's a pureblood wizard with very little understanding of or experience with muggles. The Sparks are an old wizarding family, and an ancestor was one of the founding settlers of Aladren, but they are not society purebloods. They are eccentric wizards who make a living as inventors of new spells and potions, and everyone in town is a little bit wary of them because the family (and Granddad Sparks in particular) has a history of creating terrible disasters by accident. The Maartins, his mother's family, however, are well-to-do purebloods from the Netherlands. Not being Americans they did not quite realize what kind of family their daughter married into and are under the impression the Sparks are likewise a well respected American wizarding family. Jozua has been instructed on the etiquette to maintain this assumption, and the language barrier helps him from giving away anything else too revealing about the Sparks' actual status. His mom is just glad to live far enough away from the rest of her family that she can read her books, raise her son as she sees fit, and do her academic research in peace, comfortably distant from any non-Aladren (as she was an Alumnus of that particular Sonora House) parents who mistakenly think a dusty library isn't a woman's place. The Sparks, by contrast, can't imagine anyone who doesn't want to live in a dusty library or a research lab. Well, except Jozua. Jozua doesn't want to live in either. He doesn't mind visiting libraries regularly, but he doesn't want to live in one, and labs, frankly, scare him a little bit (a lot).

Family & Friends

Lily Spencer: His best friend since first year. Also the focus of his affections.
Finn Scott: His next best friend and roommate.
Joe Umland: His third best friend.

Granddad Sparks: An inventor from Aladren, Oregon. Has at least two major disasters to his name.
Peter Sparks: Jozua's dad, also from Aladren, Oregon, also an inventor. Not yet directly responsible for any major disasters.
Stefanie Maartin Sparks: Jozua's mom. A pureblood from the Netherlands who attended Sonora and was sorted into Aladren. She moved to Aladren, Oregon out of curiosity where she met and fell in love with Peter.

Highlights from Sonora

In his second year, he founded Sonora's Dueling Club. He got the DADA professor as advisor, coach, and referee, so the club is basically an extension of DADA.

Over the midterm break of his third year, he got to invite Lily and Finn to join him for a New Years Dueling Tournament in Aladren, Oregon.

In the summer before his fourth year, his granddad blew up their house.